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Month: May, 2017

On My Birthday Wishlist.

This year I decided to share some of my small and practical, as well as big and rather unattainable birthday wishes. So if I could reach for the stars and consult my internal maximalist, I would buy a British Shorthair cat, book a trip to Tokyo and make an appointment with an Audi car dealer, not necessarily in that order. But if I am to remain with both feet firmly on the ground and true to my minimalistic sense, I would be very happy with restocking some of my favourite beauty products, getting framed prints to hang on my apartment walls and perhaps replacing my somewhat worn out New Balance shoes. But no matter if dreaming big or small, at the end of the day it is all about people and moments to remember, not about things.



Summer Mood with Protagonist.


May is my favourite month and this year it feels as if it has been stolen, for I still cannot believe that less than 5 days ago it was snowing, heavily! I am so keen to leave my wool coat and gloves behind, changing into new outfits – simple, uncomplicated and elegant, like in the resort lookbook from Protagonist. Clear and refined lines, classic colours and perfect fit is my plan for this spring.



From the Bookshelf. “Show Your Style.” by Aimee Song.


When it comes to Instagram, Aimee Song knows well what she is talking about. It is enough to check the number of followers linked to her account – 4,6 million as per today. I am convinced this is her trade and when reading the book, the initial impression is confirmed. The author of “Show Your Style” gives her readers many practical advices on how to establish, develop and maintain Instagram presence aiming for followers and social media recognition. In her book Aimee shares  her tips on taking professional photos and building a consistent feed that will be coherent and visually attractive.

All well and true, but to make it really happen all your waking hours should be dedicated to this task, because the amount of time and effort needed to create a single “great shot” is overwhelming. In my opinion, naturally. What is more, it is no secret that having an attractive face and a good physique, agenda filled with many exotic travels, pretty clothes and expensive accessories will further contribute to the visual side of any Instagram profile.

So was this book a good reading? Yes and no. Yes, because it is written in a light, entertaining way, well edited and illustrated with good pictures, not to forget a genuinely good advice and practical tips. No, because some of those tips are either unrealistic or too time consuming for an average Instagram user, who is no longer twenty-something and living less than a glamorous life balancing career with family.

LifeStyle Mix. April.

LifeStyle Mix April_1

The road trip through Tuscany turned out to be as fantastic as expected and became a beautiful memory. Even more so, because after returning to Scandinavia we received a cold reception, namely with snow. On cold mornings my mind still wandered through green Tuscan landscapes and steep narrow streets of sleepy towns. The daydreaming helps, because end of Italian adventure brought sad news and goodbyes. I look forward to May, my favourite month, hoping it will be a happy and sunny one. Have a beautiful Spring!

LifeStyle Mix April_2LifeStyle Mix April_3

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