LifeStyle Mix. June.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

LifeStyle Mix June_1

I don’t think I have ever posted so few Instagram snaps as I did this June. The reason is quite simple, when life gets busy, I dedicate little time to my virtual presence being too occupied with the day to day reality. A recent project at work keeps me very occupied and outside office hours I try to be offline as much as I can, especially when spending time with people who are important to me. A long awaited visit from a good friend was simply wonderful, with long heart to heart talks and time spent out and about in town. We loved it so much that I have already decided to take a trip in the opposite direction and visit Amsterdam later this summer. I look forward to it and to all other adventures that will happen in the coming weeks.

LifeStyle Mix June_2

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