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Still Looking for the Summer…

Broochini Lookbook_2.1

It feels as if the summer was stolen this year by too many rainy mornings and cold evenings. I am still hoping for hot days and sleepless nights, morning walks on the beach and romantic summer vibes like in the lookbook by Broochini.

Broochini Lookbook_2.6Broochini Lookbook_2.5Broochini Lookbook_2.3Broochini Lookbook_2.4Broochini Lookbook_2.7


Endless Summer with Sézane.


Summer can be a bohemian affair with embroidery, peasant blouses, flower prints and frills, like in the lookbook by Sézane, the first French online fashion brand. I like the romantic twist and the youthful appeal of their designs, a perfect inspiration for a summer wardrobe.





Suddenly Last Summer… Magda Butrym.

Magda Butrym_.1jpg

Magda Butrym is a Polish designer, who having established her ready-to-wear brand in 2014, received an international acclaim for her luxury designs inspired by modern femininity and best traditions of craftsmanship. I love her recent look book, the mistery and romance set in an atmosphere worthy of film noir.

Magda Butrym_3Magda Butrym_5Magda Butrym_4Magda Butrym_10Magda Butrym_12Magda Butrym_2Magda Butrym_8Magda Butrym_7Magda Butrym_11Magda Butrym_9


The Spirit of Summer.

Broochini Lookbook_7

There is something romantic in beach life, a certain freedom and joie de vivre, an atmosphere of a carefree youthful summer. I love images from the latest Broochini lookbook that captured so well the beauty and longing for the summertime seaside nostalgia, the true spirit of summer.

Broochini Lookbook_3Broochini Lookbook_2Broochini Lookbook_5Broochini Lookbook_1Broochini Lookbook_4Broochini Lookbook_6


Summer Mood with Protagonist.


May is my favourite month and this year it feels as if it has been stolen, for I still cannot believe that less than 5 days ago it was snowing, heavily! I am so keen to leave my wool coat and gloves behind, changing into new outfits – simple, uncomplicated and elegant, like in the resort lookbook from Protagonist. Clear and refined lines, classic colours and perfect fit is my plan for this spring.



Black Magic by Protagonist.


I don’t know why, but black colour has certain magic, a black magic. It is for a reason that it is considered elegant, refined and sophisticated. It is easy to fall under its spell and personally the older I get, the more often I wear it. Black became one of my favourite colours and although I do not believe that black only goes with black, I still think that it makes a very good pair, like in this lookbook by Protagonist, the NY based ready-to-wear label.



Golden Hour. Rodebjer.


I prefer lookbooks to catwalk photography, because a lookbook goes beyond fashion, it is a mood, an atmosphere and quite often a story told with images. I liked the SS 2017 Rodebjer lookbook and even though their designs are not necessarily my style, I appreciated the images filled with light and shade, golden hour glow and poetic melancholy.



In Between Seasons. Emerson Fry.


Nowadays I keep on longing to the summer, to sunshine and colours, singing birds and flowers. Winter is my least favourite season, especially if like now it is grey, dark and overwhelming. I look forward to days of early spiring, when a warm breeze brings a promise of better days, when waking up early in the morning is a pleasure, not a challenge. Season change can be a real adventure, also when it comes to fashion choices. I love recent looks from Emerson Fry – simple, classy and effortless. The best inspiration for an early spring, when mind is wandering and daydreaming, encouraged by rays of sun and smell of first flowers.



In Slow Motion… Filippa K.


Clean and simple, essential and unpretentious, slow, relaxed… Like in Filippa K. lookbook, Scandinavian aesthetic at their best.



Wool and Scandinavian Aesthetics. Elvang.


When living in a cold climate, wool quickly becomes one of your best friends. In the morning you tie a big thick scarf that doubles as a throw during the work day, in the evening you sit wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket, drinking tea and enjoying a movie or a book. Personally I live in wool and wear it year round, but in the winter time it is an absolute must.

Elvang is a Danish brand leaning towards simple, Scandinavian aesthetics with a strong focus on quality and integrity. Established by Lasse and Tina Elvang who having returned home from a trip to Peru were inspired by the luxury and quality of alpaca wool aimed to combine its best qualities with Scandinavian design. The idea proved to be successful and Elvang brand is now well established, offering a wide range of merchandise. Their products are beautifully crafted and made with respect towards animals and nature, made to last and serve you for seasons to come.