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Bergen Travel Diary.

Bergen Travel Diary_1

Bergen, the second largest Norwegian city, is primarily known for its rainy weather. To be in Bergen and experience sunny weather is very unlikely, so you can only imagine how lucky we felt to explore the streets of this charming coastal town under a perfect blue sky. After 6 hours on an Oslo – Bergen train, we arrived on the central station still impressed with beautiful views we were enjoying from the carriage.

As a base we selected Bergen Børs Hotel, an elegant and refined hotel in the city centre, a short walk from picturesque Bryggen. Bergen is an excellent destination for those, who like to walk, because most points of interest are within a walking distance. During our weekend stay we went to Mount Fløyen towering over Bergen to enjoy a beautiful landscape. To add to the experience, we took Fløibanen funicular to take us all the way to the top, the ride was short, but very enjoyable, with pre-ordered tickets we skipped the waiting line and with no rush embarked the carriage. When in Bergen, seafood is the preferred option, so to enjoy a local cuisine we dined at Bryggeloftet, a traditional restaurant with a long history. The food was exquisite. There is also something for coffee fans, two renowned coffee bars, Kaffemisjonen and Det Lille Kaffekompaniet, offer wonderful coffee. What I enjoyed the most about Bergen is the unique local architecture, its narrow, steep streets and small, beautiful houses packed together in most unlikely combinations, fondly maintained and well preserved. All in all, Bergen is a great destination for a weekend travel, especially if you manage to see some sun.

Bergen Travel Diary_2Bergen Travel Diary_3Bergen Travel Diary_5Bergen Travel Diary_4Bergen Travel Diary_9Bergen Travel Diary_6Bergen Travel Diary_8Bergen Travel Diary_7


Gothenburg Travel Diary.

Gothenburg Travel Diary_5

It wasn’t my first visit to Gothenburg, but as I am almost ashamed to admit, it was the very first one when I saw more than just insides of shops. I used to be so obsessed with bargain hunting that didn’t allow myself to explore and enjoy places that I travelled to. Fortunately that changed and now I am much more conscious and happy to explore new places. For the first time I visited charming Haga district, where I enjoyed coffee breaks, picture taking and browsing through Haga Hem, from where I brought back home decorative ceramics. I took a stroll down Linnégatan, an elegant venue that reminded me of Stockholm.

Pictures I took during my stay are a little bit gloomy, but the weather is still a disappointment and at the end of March there are no signs of spring, to the contrary – morning in Gothenburg was white, because at night there was a snowfall. I was very happy to get away from Oslo, if only for a while. Now I look forward to my upcoming excursion scheduled for April.

Gothenburg Travel Diary_2Gothenburg Travel Diary_3Gothenburg Travel Diary_4Gothenburg Travel Diary_7Gothenburg Travel Diary_1Gothenburg Travel Diary_6

Amsterdam Travel Diary.

Amsterdam Travel Diary 1

Amsterdam is a charming city with many delightful sights. I love the architecture, canals and most of all, the 9 Streets district filled with small coffee places, independent boutiques and concept stores. This time I also found time to visit Rijks Museum and admire paintings by Dutch Masters, something that left me with a strong impression.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam, stop at Laura Dols vintage shop, it is a chamber of great finds for those who love bygone fashion. Another good address is Skins Amsterdam, a must visit for all beauty care enthusiasts. Finally, if you have an eye for magazines from all over the world, take a tour to Athenaeum Boekhandel, the selection will make your heart spin.

Amsterdam Travel Diary 2Amsterdam Travel Diary 3Amsterdam Travel Diary 4Amsterdam Travel Diary 5Amsterdam Travel Diary 6Amsterdam Travel Diary 7Amsterdam Travel Diary 8Amsterdam Travel Diary 9Amsterdam Travel Diary 10

Tuscany Travel Diary. Part II.

Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_8

I went to Italy on several occasions and every time it makes me think what makes this county a great holiday destination. Perhaps it is the culture, fashion, coffee, architecture, food, language… or the overall la dolce vita feel that I get whenever in Italy. I like people watching, which in fact can be very inspirational, especially when combined with a cup of cappuccino and a cannoli or some other delicious treat.

Italians have a sense of style that is exciting, unconventional and even though quite often outfits seen on Italian streets are not something I would ever dare to wear, I can still appreciate the creativity and its uniqueness. There is something very alluring about the true passion for living so visible in Italy, it is almost like a theatre – affectionate hugs and kisses, fights of lovers, street arguments, unexpected laughter. There is plenty to experience, see and discover in Italy, best to do it with an open mind and not too seriously, because it may spoil all the fun.

I hope to return to beautiful Tuscany one day that is not too far away from today, but before that happens, I wanted to share some more pictures from my recent adventure.

Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_2Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_7Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_11Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_6Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_10Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_4Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_12Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_9Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_5Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_1Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_3

Tuscany Travel Diary. Part I.

Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_3

For a long time I dreamt about going to Tuscany. In my mind I saw picturesque landscapes, endless green fields and romantic cobblestoned streets in small towns. Finally the dream came true when my husband and I booked holidays in Italy, intending them to be a road trip through Tuscany. Our itinerary was quite ambitious and lead through Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa and Cinque Terre to end in Bologna. The last one was our final destination before heading home to Oslo.

Our trip was fantastic and Tuscany proved to be as lovely and charming as we have imagined. Every city we visited had something wonderful to offer with regards to sights, culture, gourmet, wine and atmosphere. Our first days were marked with a state of constant disbelief over the beauty of Tuscan landscapes and monuments. We took hundreds of pictures trying to capture the magic, marvelling at architecture and nature as we progressed with the trip. We have experienced so much during our stay in Italy that to describe it all would take a long while and an even longer Travel Diary post, so I hope that attached pictures will tell a story of our wonderful Tuscan adventure.

Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_7Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_2Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_4Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_5Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_11Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_9Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_10Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_6Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_8Tuscany Travel Diary Part 1_1

Warsaw Travel Diary. Part II.

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_4

When visiting Warsaw, like in any other capital, the number of options can be a little overwhelming and it is easy to miss the best. I decided to make my own “places to be” list, to sum up my recent adventure. The list is not final as I have another ticket to Warsaw booked for the end of August with a solid plan to explore even more.

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_8

Place To Be – Gourmet

– Charlotte – inspired by French bistros, Charlotte is the perfect place for breakfast and lunch, the smell of fresh bread is the best aroma in the early morning and if you combine it with a cup of coffee, a wakeup call is complete;

– Odette Tea Room – a pleasant little getaway with a friendly service, aromatic teas and pasties that make your head spin – beautifully decorated and rich in decadent flavours, a must for all with a capricious sweet tooth;

– Zorza Bistro – with many healthy and imaginative positions on the menu, Zorza Bistro is a perfect place for dinner or ,thanks to long opening hours, a wholesome breakfast, tasteful interior and friendly service offer the final finishing touch;

– Palmier – door to door with Zorza, this place shares an elegant interior design and a cosmopolitan buzz, by day a refined eatery, by night a bustling social scene with tasty drinks and bartenders catering to special orders;

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_2

Place To Be – Art

– Krolikarnia – small and intimate exhibition space housed in a beautiful building, hosting curated collections and interesting events;

– Zacheta – yet another magnificent building dedicated to exhibitions of contemporary art;

– CSW Zamek Ujazdowski – home to contemporary art, thought provoking exhibitions in the serene surrounding among green trees and in the proximity of Lazienkowski Park;

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_5Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_6Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_7Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_3Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_9Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_1


Warsaw Travel Diary. Part I.

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_4

I wasn’t very generous writing about Warsaw in my previous Warsaw Travel Diary. Perhaps it was a state of mind, the weather or more attention that I paid to my surroundings, but this time I finally found it’s charm and beauty, walking around with my head high up, looking at building facades, beautiful details and elegant architecture. Before my departure I made a thorough research based on which I selected and later on visited amazing art exhibitions, great eateries and places to enjoy an evening drink at. There is much to see and experience in the capital of Poland, Warsaw already became an international city and a fashionable destination.

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_2Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_5Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_3Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_1Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_8Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_6Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_7Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_9

Munich Travel Diary.

Munich Travel Diary_10

Visits to Munich never disappoint and this one was no different. The town was as beautiful as always, trains as punctual as ever, Keiserschmarrn  as delicious as the last time, shopping as delightful as on any other occasion. The only disappointment was the weather, I arrived to a lovely Spring evening and 19 degrees and left on a cold afternoon, trying to believe in the heavy snowfall outside. Blooming cherry trees covered by snowflakes was a truly remarkable sight.

This time I promised myself to be more “adventurous” and step off my well known paths. Visit to Pinakothek der Moderne was a real treat, what I liked the most was the building’s architecture, it somehow stole the show from the actual exhibition, I couldn’t stop snapping pictures. For more treats, this time skin nourishing, I crossed Isar and went to Max Weber Platz to visit Tobs, an organic beauty store. I can recommend it for excellent help and advice, warm welcome and modest, but well thought through selection of products. And if you do stop at Tobs, do not leave without at least one Antidote chocolate. It is divine! Not buying more is my biggest Munich regret…

Munich Travel Diary_8Munich Travel Diary_4Munich Travel Diary_5Munich Travel Diary_9Munich Travel Diary_7Munich Travel Diary_6Munich Travel Diary_3Munich Travel Diary_1Munich Travel Diary_2

Stockholm Travel Diary. Part 2.

Stockholm Travel Diary Day 2_3

Despite the cold reception, I enjoyed my time in Stockholm. Perhaps there was a little bit too much coffee drinking and too little sightseeing, but who said that it was my last chance to be there? Only next time I will travel in the summer months.

Stockholm Travel Diary Day 2_4Stockholm Travel Diary Day 2_1Stockholm Travel Diary Day 2_2Stockholm Travel Diary Day 2_9Stockholm Travel Diary Day 2_8Stockholm Travel Diary Day 2_6Stockholm Travel Diary Day 2_5

Stockholm Travel Diary. Part 1.

Stockholm Travel Diary Day 1_3

It wasn’t my first visit to Stockholm, so I knew what to expect, the only thing I did not expect was the weather. It was so cold that my plans to spend most of my time outdoors and on foot had to be revisited. Fortunately there are so many great coffee places in Stockholm, Kaffeverket, Fabrique, Snickarbacken 7, Supreme Coffee Roasters, …, to name just a few, that my city tour wasn’t totally overshadowed by the weather. But yes, from my Insta feed it may seem like coffee drinking was all I did that weekend…

Stockholm is beautiful. Gamla Stan – the old town – is really charming, with it’s narrow cobblestoned passages and lanterns, Södermalm is relaxed, easy going and trendy, while Östermalm is rather conservative, having the luxurious and expensive appeal, with the famous high end shopping venue Bibliotekstan. There is something for every taste in Stockholm and the overall city atmosphere is friendly and open.

If I were to make some “must see” recommendations for Stockholm, I would definitely say Fotografiska, a bespoke photography gallery. It is so popular that waiting line to the ticket office ended on the street level. For shopping, visit Byredo, the one and only flagship store, and if you have more time – & Other Stories, Filippa K. and NK department store. I was pleasantly surprised by the popularity of organic food shops, fighting the urge to “buy it all”. To have a flavour, do stop by Koloni at Bibliotekstan, their feta & mango salat is perfection. Last, but not least, Miss Clara Hotel, an elegant and relaxed get away. I think that thanks to Ballerina Room I luckily avoided coming home with a cold, enjoying hot coffee, comfy chairs and superb selection of lounge music.

Stockholm Travel Diary Day 1_4Stockholm Travel Diary Day 1_6Stockholm Travel Diary Day 1_2Stockholm Travel Diary Day 1_7Stockholm Travel Diary Day 1_5Stockholm Travel Diary Day 1_8Stockholm Travel Diary Day 1_1

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