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Wanderlust and Fjällräven Kånken.


I hate backpacks, but not when it comes to Kånken. I wish I had bought one years earlier, because if I did, perhaps I would be spared a shoulder condition and some back pains. But better late than never, right?

Fjällraven is a Swedish outdoor clothing brand that introduced Kånken backpack in 1978, as a remedy for steadily increasing number of back problems affecting increasingly younger groups. The design is clean and simple, the product is made of a resistant and light fabric Vinylon F that adds a minimum weight to the backpack cargo. Not surprisingly, Kånken made an international career among school children and their parents alike. Now it is available in several sizes and in a whole rainbow of colours, but in its spirit still true to the original idea and simplistic design. Straight backs are happy backs, as the company introduction says, so don’t be afraid to give it a try, perhaps you will appreciate it just like I did.

For myself I selected a classic black model in the regular size, which is big enough to fit a 13 inch laptop. I use it very often and it proved to be handy on many occasions, from casual weekend trips, hand luggage on a flight to a trusted companion on day excursions during bigger holidays, like on the below picture taken in Lucca. With Kånken your hands are free to hold a camera, you have an extra space for a bottle of water and a snack, as well as shopping, so you don’t need to carry around shopping bags and your handbag at the same time. From every angle it is a win-win situation, not only for your comfort, but also for the comfort of your back and shoulders. On the down side, the design can be too raw for some people and the price is on the high end. When I bought Kånken, my husband said it is the ugliest backpack ever, but I think he changed his opinion now, seeing how often I use it and how handy it really is. I hope he will be more appreciative when I finally buy another one, this time in the Fog shade.



Autumn Transitions with Filippa K.

Filippa K fall 9

Fall is usually a season that brings a sense of pleasant excitement when it comes to wardrobe options, marking a shift to wools, cashmeres, knits and coats, scarves and boots… It is a transition from outdoor, careless and colourful days to indoor and more somber, reflected living. For inspiration, some looks from the recent Filippa K collection.


LifeStyle Mix. August.

Lifestyle Mix August_1

To describe August in a single word would be to say it was absolutely and unexpectedly crazy, as in C.R.A.Z.Y., yes, you read me right. I do not know what has gotten into me when arranging personal and work related plans, but I was way too optimistic. Running from a place to place and checking in for yet another flight left me in between excited and exhausted, the latter more often as the month continued.

A much awaited travel to Amsterdam was fantastic, but what came after was much, much better… A life long dream came true, this amber eyed British Shorthair beauty moved in and brought so much joy and love into my life, that I cannot imagine how it would be to come home without seeing those chubby chicks and smiley face. Now I long for a quiet, peaceful autumn when I can finally slow down, relax and enjoy life’s little pleasures.

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Amsterdam Travel Diary.

Amsterdam Travel Diary 1

Amsterdam is a charming city with many delightful sights. I love the architecture, canals and most of all, the 9 Streets district filled with small coffee places, independent boutiques and concept stores. This time I also found time to visit Rijks Museum and admire paintings by Dutch Masters, something that left me with a strong impression.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam, stop at Laura Dols vintage shop, it is a chamber of great finds for those who love bygone fashion. Another good address is Skins Amsterdam, a must visit for all beauty care enthusiasts. Finally, if you have an eye for magazines from all over the world, take a tour to Athenaeum Boekhandel, the selection will make your heart spin.

Amsterdam Travel Diary 2Amsterdam Travel Diary 3Amsterdam Travel Diary 4Amsterdam Travel Diary 5Amsterdam Travel Diary 6Amsterdam Travel Diary 7Amsterdam Travel Diary 8Amsterdam Travel Diary 9Amsterdam Travel Diary 10

From the Bookshelf. “Hygge. The Danish Art of Happiness.” by Marie Tourell Søderberg.

Hygge Book

Ever since hygge became a buzzword, there are more and more publications dedicated to this subject, and since the concept is closely linked to the Danish way of living, several Danish authors decided to share their ideas on what it is and what it means to hygge. Even though this concept is not a new thing for me, because when living in Scandinavia hygge is something you are very much used to (for more, read How to Hygge? ), I was still intrigued to read how can one write about it for those who weren’t born into it.

“Hygge. The Danish Art of Happiness.” is a pleasant, heartwarming book about coming together and experiencing the joy of little things, whether it is a lazy evening by candlelights, playing boardgames with friends or the smell of freshly baked bread rolls, the common ground is in feeling happy, cozy and relaxed, it is about living authentic and being grateful for simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Tied Together.

Perhaps some may say that a white shirt and a tied silk scarf is a boring cliche, but personally I believe it is classic at it’s best. An instant recipe for a timeless elegance that requires little effort leaving some room for interpretation in terms of fabrics, cut, details and pattern. Collection of scarves from Totême is as all of their designs perfection, simple and understated, yet not without a modern twist that makes it interesting rather than plain.


LifeStyle Mix. July.

LifeStyle Mix July_1

July was a month when too many things happened too fast, in the process I missed the opportunity to be lazy and a little bit careless, even a short trip to Sopot wasn’t enough to really relax. But I don’t want to complain, because August will bring a major change that I am so looking forward to, a new family member moving in with us in less than three weeks. Can you guess who will that be? I can say that the biggest wish from my B-Day wish list is finally coming true!

LifeStyle Mix July_2LifeStyle Mix July_3LifeStyle Mix July_4

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Still Looking for the Summer…

Broochini Lookbook_2.1

It feels as if the summer was stolen this year by too many rainy mornings and cold evenings. I am still hoping for hot days and sleepless nights, morning walks on the beach and romantic summer vibes like in the lookbook by Broochini.

Broochini Lookbook_2.6Broochini Lookbook_2.5Broochini Lookbook_2.3Broochini Lookbook_2.4Broochini Lookbook_2.7


From the Bookshelf. “No More Dirty Looks.” by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt.


I can almost promise you that you will have more than one panic reaction when reading “No More Dirty Looks. The Truth about Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics” by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt. I did and on one occasion it lead to an emergency label reading in an attempt to detox my cosmetic cabinet. This is a shocking material and the only thing more scary than reading it is not reading it.

I was petrified to see how many dirty ingredients polluted my beauty products, and this after I already decided to pay more attention and select better, having read a similar position from my bookshelf. To find out more please refer to “Skin Cleanse. The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clean, Calm, Happy Skin.” by Adina Grigore.  Clearly I was fooled by so called “natural brands” and less than honest recommendations from magazines and bloggers who swore by certain products. “No More Dirty Looks.” tells a lot about ingredients and ways to substitute products filled with harmful, dangerous (to the point of being carcinogenic and toxic) ingredients with safe, clean alternatives that are available on the market. Will you be surprised to hear that I started to research, checked availability and already swapped some of the bad stuff with healthier, more reliable alternatives?

What is also important to mention is that the book refers to practices and legislations from the United States of America, but regardless of the fact, it is universal enough to give you plenty food for thought no matter where you leave. After all, cosmetics are a global commodity and they cross borders all the time. As a consolation for some, EU regulations are quoted as much more restrictive and controlling than American, but nonetheless I was shocked with my discoveries. I definitely recommend the lecture of “No More Dirty Looks.”, it is an eye opening book.

Endless Summer with Sézane.


Summer can be a bohemian affair with embroidery, peasant blouses, flower prints and frills, like in the lookbook by Sézane, the first French online fashion brand. I like the romantic twist and the youthful appeal of their designs, a perfect inspiration for a summer wardrobe.